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Retain & gain clients by subcontracting with me!

  • Your client will gain more time than what you have
  • You keep the client, I do the work
  • Offer expertise outside your skillset such as bookkeeping, excel spreadsheets and podcasting
  • Give projects to me and find more clients

You, the virtual assistant, needs an assistant!

  • Software research
  • Keep up your bookkeeping
  • Create and maintain your profiles
  • Create excel spreadsheets
  • Send out newsletters
  • Maintain email
  • Web research to create info product
  • Technology based tasks

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Have An Informtion Product? Leave The Web Research To Me.

One of the tasks I have listed for a subcontracting task is web research. My first experience was researching software, which I love. Thinking more about the services I offer I had to ask, is this really beneficial to my clients? The more I look at it how could it not be. A few reasons being, one I learn as I do the research. Second for the person I'm researching for it is saving hours of revenue they can be generating by selling the product themselves.

So if you wonder how you could benefit by outsourcing web research. The answer is selling more of your product.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Announcing August 2009’s Forum Topic for the VA Subcontractor’s Road to Success Group

Collette Schultz
Software Savvy Sub

August 4, 2009: Collette Schultz, mediator of the VA Subcontractor’s Road to Success Group at Virtual Assistant Forums, announces the August 2009 topic – “Software & Products Subcontractors Need to Succeed”. This open forum discussion will answer questions and concerns related to what type of software VAs should consider when setting up their home office; the products that are worth the investment, and the pros and cons of using freeware, shareware and web applications.

“A large majority of service providers don’t realize how much more can be done with the right product in hand. For instance, Microsoft Office is a software application no one should be without; yet many are still using Microsoft Works!

Although Microsoft Works has a Word application and can be saved in a compatible version, it does not offer the flexibility needed by a true professional. To be compatible and provide clients and contractors alike the highest level of quality in the projects being produced, it’s important invest in a power-horse program like Microsoft Office Professional.”, states Collette Schultz.

This is just a sample of the advice Collette Schultz will be sharing on the topic of software and products needed to succeed this month with the VA Subcontractors group. Group participants are encouraged to post their questions, concerns, and related stories based on personal experience.

To participate in the discussion group, you must abide by the rules and guidelines set by Virtual Assistant Forums. Please create an account and read the members guidelines then go to .
About the Group Mediator:
Collette Schultz’ active participation at Virtual Assistant Forums has earned her the reputation as being an expert in the VA subcontracting field. She is honored to have the opportunity to bring the VA Subcontractor’s Road to Success discussion group to the virtual community.
The VA Subcontractor’s Road to Success discussion group was created for individuals who want to experience being a virtual assistant before starting a business of their own but don’t know where to begin. In this community setting, Collette hopes to bring participants the opportunity and information they need to succeed.
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