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  • You keep the client, I do the work
  • Offer expertise outside your skillset such as bookkeeping, excel spreadsheets and podcasting
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  • Software research
  • Keep up your bookkeeping
  • Create and maintain your profiles
  • Create excel spreadsheets
  • Send out newsletters
  • Maintain email
  • Web research to create info product
  • Technology based tasks

Software Savvy Sub Podcast

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Collette Schultz
Software Savvy Sub

Phone: 608 853 1435
Web site:

Collette Schultz, better known as the Software Savvy Subcontractor, was interviewed by Roslyn D’Souza, Virtual Events Specialist. Schultz responded to questions about her successful pursuits with Schultz’s company, Virtual Dream Office Services, one of the most respected subcontracting service providers available to virtual businesses and multi-virtual assistants today.

The facts Schultz shared can assist anyone entering the field of virtual subcontracting or help those already in this type of non-traditional employment increase their profitability and market share. This interview brought forward topics about the “software savvy” side of Schultz’s nickname. You can listen to the entire interview at

This call represents the kick-off of regular podcasts which will be held monthly to help others in the subcontracting field learn from Schultz’s experience. One call per month will address the subcontracting niche of Virtual Dream Office Services experience while the other call will concentrate on software savvy solutions for subcontractors or multi-virtual assistants.

In this initial call, Schultz shared the importance of finding your own niche market in the world of virtual business. She explained tips about how to locate that niche through which you can provide services to virtual businesses or multi-Virtual Assistants that you enjoy the most and in which your skills can provide a valuable benefit to the contractor.

Schultz learned how to locate contractors seeking subcontractors to help expand their virtual businesses through sheer necessity. During the time she gave birth to her children and was on leave from her traditional employment, she became intrigued with the idea of telecommuting. Over the past three years, she has begun to market the skills she developed in the traditional workplace as an online, web-based service with remarkable success.

She began her journey by locating a valued mentor, Diane Hess, who helped her refine and perfect her subcontractor skills through one-on-one two-way feedback. Hess, having already established her own successful virtual assistant business, critiqued Schultz’s work and listened to how Schultz felt about each project she had completed, leading her to find the niches in which she could excelled and enjoy. While Schultz acknowledges, “This doesn’t happen overnight, you must find your passion and build upon it. You want to do work you love, not just any project that is available. You want to locate your spot in the market and fill that specific niche for virtual businesses which need your subcontractor services,” she does encourage those who share her dream of breaking out of a traditional workplace and into the world of virtual subcontracting to pursue those dreams.

Schultz also plans to host special events for virtual subcontractors as well as a means of connecting virtual professionals with businesses requiring subcontractors to expand their businesses. Special events will be announced to everyone on her mailing list and you can ensure you receive this valuable information join by visiting You’ll be notified of all calls, podcasts, updates, events, and much more. The format of her connection service for virtual professionals and contractors is currently in the works and will also be announced upon completion. Also, be sure to stay up-to-date by subscribing to her Blog located at

While Schultz is providing free podcasts to those who wish to enjoy the information provided by her own personal growth experiences, she does acknowledge the need for additional sponsorship to continue to provide a free service. The first sponsor is Find Virtual, If you are a company which needs subcontractors to provide your organization with that next level of growth or operate a multi-VA company, Schultz would love to hear from you via email. By promoting those entities which can benefit from subcontractors, she can provide valuable exposure to those virtual professionals online today. Contact her at

About Virtual Dream Office Services: Begun three years ago, Schultz’s subcontracting and virtual assistance serves many virtual businesses in the areas which she most enjoys: general administration, bookkeeping, presentation development, spreadsheet development, software consulting, and web research. You can locate her website at or contact her by phone at (608) 853-1435. ###
Working as your virtual subcontractor, I bring experience and also add value to your business. Which is priceless.......


  • Honest & Hard Working
  • 15 Plus Years of Office Experience
  • Associate Degree Accounting
  • Associate Degree Admin Assistant
  • Own & Operate A Family Farm
  • Certified Virtual Professional Seal
  • Certified Electronic Spreadsheet Certificate(Excel)