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Monday, September 21, 2009

Grow Your Business And Reach For The Stars!: Another Way to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business

Grow Your Business And Reach For The Stars!: Another Way to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business

Another Way to Grow your Virtual Assistant Business

We, as virtual assistants (VAs), generally attempt to grow our business by obtaining more clients or contracts. Now the new strategy is to enlarge our small business by creating a multi-virtual assistant company or organizing a team of VAs to subcontract or outsource projects to. These VAs provide services, which will complement your services rather than compete with them.

More and more virtual assistants are creating multi-virtual assistant companies, while others are subcontracting to other VAs. Normally, virtual assistants who work with multi-virtual assistant organizations or work on a subcontract basis are entrepreneurs themselves. On the other hand, VAs who are in the beginning stages of their business can gain experience and knowledge as business owners while at the same time establish their companies, as well as earn money. Operating a small business requires much more than just knowing how to type or perform any other administrative task.

However, it is a win-win concept because an established virtual assistant (va) can offer more services without having to be skilled in that particular area, as well as have the assistance of up-and-coming VAs. In some cases, a virtual assistant needs a va to help them with administrative tasks. In addition, you have a backup in case of your absence for any reason. Whether you operate a multi-virtual assistant establishment or subcontract to other VAs, you can offer their services in addition to yours.

For example, in an attempt to grow my virtual assistant business and expand my services, I’m applying the subcontracting strategy. I recently organized a team of three VAs with varying skills to subcontract projects to. My core service is word processing services, and the team services include bookkeeping, Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) services, transcription, and website and graphic design. Their services complement mine rather than compete with them. Now I can offer their services in addition to my current offerings. If for any reason I am absent or need assistance with my administrative tasks, every member of the team is able to perform word processing services and provide administrative assistance.

If you are a virtual assistant who is in the process of growing your business or increasing your list of services, consider organizing a team of virtual assistants with various skills. As the virtual assistant industry grows so does the level of available skilled virtual assistants. It is a win-win situation for established virtual assistant companies, up-and-coming virtual assistants, and our clients.

Written by: Rita J. Cartwright

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Balance Beam of Work and Family

By Patty Benton

“Mommy, I need milk!” “Mommy, can I watch TV?” “Mommy, I want to go outside!” “Mommy, Bobby hit me!” are few of the comments WAHM(P-parents) hear on a daily basis. That is if their child can talk. Mine, just pushes the keyboard away and climbs on my lap-or even better-she throws herself on the floor screaming.

“Honey, when is dinner?” “Honey, what time are we leaving for…” “Honey, where is Bobby’s baseball bat?” are a few of the comments we may hear from our spouses.

All this, while we are trying to finish the project that is due first thing in the morning. Or working on our next advertising piece. Or doing one of the other million things any person who runs their own business HAS to get finished.

Does this sound like what you go through on a daily basis why you are working? If so, don’t feel alone, the majority of small business owners who work out of their homes, experience this trial.

Now, what are you going to do about it? Though I won’t claim to have this perfected (remember, my daughter likes to throw herself on the floor screaming), I have begun to find a balance. Here are some tips on how to find your balance between home and work:

Pay attention to when it seems you get the most interruptions. I find that about 5 pm everyday, my daughter would get whiny, and want my attention. So, after recognizing this pattern, I adjusted my schedule to give my daughter that important time she needs (after all, she is the inspiration for my business). I work through her nap and then until about 5. Then I take off 5-7 to spend time with her and for dinner. Schedule your work time to when you will be most effective. If you can only work for 2 hours here, 2 hours there, and then 4 hours here, so be it. Work only when you can be effective-even if it means working late into the night why everyone is asleep. I used to go to bed no later than 9, but have now found that I need the time why my daughter is asleep to work, so I have started staying up until 11 and working.

Enlist your partner/spouse to help. That is what marriage is all about-working together. If you are a woman, don’t feel like it is your job to do everything for your children! After dinner, my daughter has about an hour before she goes to bed, my husband takes this time and uses it to bond with her, while I work. Then we both put her to bed-together.

Split up the chores. Okay, the biggest distraction is a messy house (at least for me), so we split up the chores. Both my husband and I agreed on what we would each do. I cook, he cleans up afterwards. He washes and dries the laundry, I help take care of it. I keep the house picked up daily, but after my daughter goes to bed, he picks up whatever she has gotten out. Make it work for both of you!

Remember your spouse. Yes, they need their lovey time too. Make sure that you spend time just the two of you, even if you have to put that time into your schedule. I have a daily schedule and my day is mapped out. I’ve included family time, business time, and me time (VERY IMPORTANT). Every minute of my day is accounted for. Though this may sound tedious, it is essential to make sure my business doesn’t take away from my family, and my family doesn’t take away from my business.

Lastly, lay out your plan for your family. Make sure they are committed. Then enforce it. If it is your work time, work and make them entertain themselves. If it is your family time, focus on your family and leave the work for later. It won’t go anywhere!

Having your own business takes sacrifice from you and your family, but it’s worth it if you can find the balance. Make finding your balance a priority!!
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