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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The New Software Savvy Sub

Can't believe how far I've come this year with brainstorming new ideas. I may have lots of ideas but working one at a time is a must to keep myself focused.

Like all other virtual assistants I've done my homework and came up with the following last year:

1. Subcontracting services to the Virtual Assistant industry is my focus
2. Creating my business name, logo and mission statement
3. Networking with this industry to get my name out there
4. Started the marketing process to prove my ability to the industry

So you ask what I've come up with so far for 2009?

1. Looking forward to continuing to subcontract administrative tasks to other VAs
2. Software is what I love to research, learn and implement. In March I plan to launch another part of my business to offer something to online businesses. Press release will be coming.
3. Created a name to compliment my new avenue of business is "Software Savvy Sub"

Now back to my brain storming. Keep watching for updates

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